NAQI partners with ACPSEM UK

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NAQI is proud to announce its cooperation with Physio's in Sport Uk (ACPSEM) for Soft Tissue Courses.

Peak performance & skin care. Interview with Greet Claes

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Peak performance requires the adjusted physical and mental preparations adapted to meet this level, but the skin –- a large part of the body- - also requires specialist care. What are the most critical factors that can harm the skin in high -level sports ?

New cooperation between NAQI & BAP Medical

Post Burn Treatment,  Scar Treatment,  Private label

NAQI® is pleased to announce a new cooperation with the Dutch company BAP Medical (Apeldoorn) . BAP Medical specializes in the production and sales of products for the treatment of scars and burns ao silicone sheets and after burn skin care . BAP is committed to bring only high quality products on the market. This provides a natural synergy with NAQI® Skin Care core values of offering high quality and effectiveness to the patient and therapist.

How to cope with cold ?

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WHAT EFFECT DOES COLD HAVE ON THE BODY? — Interview of Greet Claes, by Wesley Muyldermans, sports journalist & writer— Our body wants to maintain a constant temperature (homoeotherm). Vital organs, such as our hearts and stomachs, need this to function properly. Our skin has sensitive cold receptors that can detect a sharp drop in skin temperature and pass on this information to the brain. They emit more pulses when cooling down than when warming up and they are also more numerous than heat receptors. Cold receptors are also known as Krause's corpuscles. They can detect cold because they react to tissue shrinkage caused by a drop in temperature. When it’s cold, the blood vessels in the skin contract and blood flow to the surface of our bodies drops. Heat has the opposite effect, as everything opens up to release the excess body heat.

NAQI® Aero Speed Gel gives cyclists a 1 sec per km advantage.

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NAQI®, the producer of innovative skin care products, collaborated with experts in aerodynamics in the development of a gel that reduces the aerodynamic drag of a cyclist. From F1 laser technology to 3D printing, a spectrum of state-of-the-art technology was used in the development of this product.

NAQI Aero Speed Gel Scientific Study

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NAQI® Aero Speed Gel increases cycling speed by lowering aerodynamic drag in cyclists

Drops cycling team on a winning streak !

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The Drops Cycling Team is on a winning streak ! Riders Martina Ritter, Ann-Sophie Duyck and Anna Christian proudly won their national championships .

Cycle quicker with new NAQI Speed Gel

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Source : vrt news " NAQI from Halen has developed a "Speed Gel". Apply this to your body to reduce the aerodynamic resistance so you cycle faster. A triathlete from the team of Luc Van Lierde has tested the gel in the Flanders Bike Valley wind tunnel." More information

NAQI is the official product sponsor for Drops Cycling

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Drops Cycling Team are pleased to announce NAQI as a new partner to the team. With the company’s strong focus on sport, Drops are excited to welcome NAQI as a sponsor.

Massage therapy can reduce winter blues

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can reduce winter blues. One in ten are impacted by seasonal change. Massage therapy is shown to improve mood and energy levels. People looking to fend off the winter blues may find relief by integrating massage therapy into their health maintenance routine .

NAQI Massage Lotions

Massage Therapy

Massage Lotions prevent the negative side effects of the mechanical handling of the skin during a massage. These lotions are hypoallergenic and easy to rinse off using water. NAQI® Massage Lotions are skin friendly oil/water emulsions with liquid crystals and the same pH-level as the skin. They are suitable for various applications and have specially-adapted gliding properties.

Did you know ?

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Since its start in 1986, NAQI® has focused on creating healthy skin , actively merging sports , physical therapy and dermatology in 1 brand.

Movement Therapy Clinics : New Excercise and Remedial Courses

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NAQI is happy to announce the new Remedial and Excercise Therapy Courses with Movement Therapy Clinics

NAQI & Lotto Soudal Cycling Team

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Discover here the inside tips and tricks with Lotto Soudal Cycling team on how to optimise your cycling.

NAQI is the new partner of KN Förde Triathlon

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NAQI is the new partner of KN Förde Triathlon, in cooperation with Buchner & Partner, the official NAQI Distributor in Germany.

NAQI Oral Care at Dentex 2018

Oral Care

Discover the new NAQI Oral Care at Dentex 2018 ! 4, 5 & 6 October 2018 Brussels Expo

Hino Pharmaceutical launches new website in Japan

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NAQI is proud to present the new website of its official distributor in Japan Hino Pharmaceutical