NAQI - Our history

1986 - Geyskens Edgard , founder of Naqi , asks himself:

• How can we improve the recovery of burn wound patients ?
• How can we stimulate skin repair after a medical intervention ?
• Are there products which keep our skin in top shape ?
• Which products effectively protect the skin against the elements ?

Geyskens Edgard brings all these answers together in the brand Naqi®. 

Naqi has a clear mission: to develop and manufacture the best preventive and post curative skin careproducts in order to:
• Contribute to the quality of care;
• Efficiently target skin problems ;
• Offer an adapted after care;
• So that patients and consumers are 100% content.

Naqi focuses on the market of primary health care, sports medicine and hospitals. Perfect skin does not exist, but its structure , feel and appearance can always be improved. Our challenge


To realize its ambitions, Naqi relies on a strong team of experienced and visionary team. Our team. A team with a sixth sense for possible skin problems and a passion for solutions. Our vision combined with the Naqi team did not only provide a rock solid reputation, but also long lasting ties with several prestigious partners : the universities of Brussels, Liège and Leuven, several first class cycling teams and many world famous sports clubs. 
As a result, Naqi products and know how are available throughout Europe,Australia, Japan and China.