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Massage Lotions

NAQI® Massage Lotions are specifically developed for professional therapists to provide the optimal support during treatment. A massage lotion should provide the perfect glide for the designated therapy and
simultaneously protect and nourish the skin of both therapist and customer.
NAQI® Massage lotions are hypo allergenic and easy to rinse off.
The Liquid crystal structure ensures that NAQI® Massage lotions will intensively hydrate and protect the skin. The lotions are pH-neutral and well tolerated, they are non-greasy, easy to rinse off and leave no
stains. Discover the perfect NAQI® Lotion for your treatments and choose from different levels of glide.

Pre - tape

Gentle skin cleansing that promotes tape adhesion


Ensure optimal absorption of the ultrasound waves and excellent gliding movement.

Therapeutic Gels

Hydrogels with 5% essential oils have been created for a wide range of therapeutic treatments.

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