NAQI cools Team Belgium at the Tokyo Olympics

Can Team Belgium strike Gold at the Olympics with a cooling spray from NAQI ?

Can Team Belgium strike Gold  at the Olympics with a cooling spray from Halen ?

The Belgian athletes at the Tokyo Olympics will be able to cope better with the hot and humid weather in Japan  with the NAQI Cooling Spray. This new spray  provides  a strong cooling effect on the skin, even in  extreme weather circumstances, which should have a positive effect on the performance of Belgian athletes.
As part of the “Cold2Gold” project from the Flemish (Belgian) government, to provide the Belgian Olympic athletes with the best possible cooling techniques, NAQI has a long history of developing innovative cooling products.  From its beginning in 1986, NAQI developed the NAQI Body Cooler , NAQI Cool Down, NAQI Cold Pack and NAQI Cool Gel for Formula-1 race teams and later for cycling teams such as Mapei Quick Step.

Extra edge

The new NAQI Cooling spray activates  thermoreceptors in the skin and creates a very strong cooling effect and improves the blood circulation. The spray can be applied both to the skin and to the  sports kit  and with the right application will remain cooling for a very long period.  This will give professional athletes that extra edge to help achieve their best  performance, especially in the extremely  warm (+31°C)  and humid  (+70%) weather conditions in Tokyo.  

Every °C counts

With climate change, global warming , increased sports activities  and the rediscovering of  outdoor life,  the NAQI Cooling Spray has tremendous potential,  The new NAQI Cooling Spray  will soon find its way to the wider public, says  Edgard Geyskens, NAQI CEO. “We are convinced  that  sports clubs, athletes and  the general public will be very keen to try the product.”