Evaluation of the amelioration of skin xerosis in a diabetic patient

Scientific article: Evaluation of the amelioration of skin xerosis in a diabetic patient


In diabetic patients xerosis can appear when there are secondary neuropathic or vasculopathic disorders. The reduced flexibility in the stratum corneum leads to the formation of microfractures that provide points of entry for infectious agents. Xerosis can also aggravate the pruritis. The treatment of diabetic xerosis should improve the quality of life of patients and boost preventive anti-infectious measures. Very few dermocosmetic products are specifically aimed at controlling diabetic xerosis and very few studies have been dedicated. We performed a study with Naqi Body Care®. This cream is designed specifically to correct diabetic xerosis: • The CM-glucan is likely to act as an immunostimulant and epidermal repair accelerator; • The L-carnosine is a neuropeptide whose effects include the prevention of protein glycation and hence the forma- tion of AGEs (Advanced Glycation End products); • The corn oil peroxide produces an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase. Various other ingredients in the Naqi formulation are intended to change the lamellar lipid structure of the stratum corneum in order to improve its barrier function. It also contains humectants designed to retain more water in the stratum corneum.


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