BikeValley and NAQI® help build future Olympic success in Tokyo 2020 .

In view of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo 2020,  Flanders Sports  has commissioned  innovative cooling garments for Belgian athletes.  Flemish Secretary of Sports and Innovation Philippe Muyters  is proud that Flemish companies  and technology can contribute  to help Belgian athletes  achieve their best. The project is called Cold4Gold.

The preparations for Tokyo 2020 are full on, and especially the high temperatures and humidity will prove challenging for the athletes.  During the Games, temperatures will rise above 30°C and humidity will be up to 70%.  So it will be extremely important to help the athletes cool down  before, during and after each performance.  The human body functions less when overheated. Similar to the Championship in Brazil and the World Championship cycling in Qatar, it will be necessary to  reduce any disadvantage .

Flanders Bike Valley, NAQI® , Bioracer, Devan Chemicals and Inuteq will together design and develop cooling garments and test these in the Flanders Valley climate chambers and wind tunnel testing facility.  NAQI® CEO, Edgard Geyskens will bring top level sports   innovative cooling gels  and sprays, specifically for cooling down the entire  body ,which can also be applied under a helmet for cyclists for example.