NAQI® Aero Speed Gel gives cyclists a 1 sec per km advantage.

NAQI®, the producer of innovative skin care products, collaborated with experts in aerodynamics in the development of a gel that reduces the aerodynamic drag of a cyclist. From F1 laser technology to 3D printing, a spectrum of state-of-the-art technology was used in the development of this product.

Incredible reduction in aerodynamic drag

“This NAQI® Aero Speed Gel, applied to arms and/or legs of a cyclist, is able to significantly reduce the drag coefficient of a cyclist. At time trial speeds (50 km/h) this
reduction of the drag coefficient leads to gains of up to 15 watt for a typical cyclist in time trial position. This translates to
a potential gain of almost 1 second per km. For a triathlete tested at 39 km/h the potential gain was 307 seconds or a reduction in drag of 6%. More info on the
test results and scientific principles can be found in the NAQI white paper on the Aero Speed Gel.

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