Hino Pharmaceutical launches new website in Japan

NAQI is proud to present the new website of its official distributor in Japan Hino Pharmaceutical

Mr Hino-san, the president and CEO of Hino Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd, is the first international partner of NAQI who acknowledged the importance of education. According to his visionary perception, the NAQI Massage and Sports therapy ranges are interlinked with NAQI® massage workshops. Already  12 years ago Mister Hino-san sent a team of Japanese therapists to Belgium to integrate the Japanese massage perception with western style massage.Hino Pharmaceutical represented NAQI in the Tour of Japan and cooperates with Keirin racers.

NAQI® is very proud to partner with Mr Hino- san who does not only focus on the high quality of the NAQI products but also on their added value by bringing high quality workshops in Japan. With the launch of the new website,  Hino Pharmaceutical is certain to reach more therapists and sports people in Japan .  Congratulations from the NAQI team !

You can find the new website here.