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Oil gel that reduces aerodynamic resistance in sports where speed is central

NAQI® Aero Speed Gel: lowers air resistance and increases speed

The NAQI® Aero Speed Gel is an oil gel that lowers the air resistance (for cyclists, for example), which can increase speed.

The concept of the NAQI® Aero Speed Gel works in the same way as the dimples in a golf ball. By making the object rougher, turbulence increases as the object flies through the air.


What does that mean?

That the air flow sticks to the body for a longer period, just like the golf ball, which lowers the air resistance, helping you to achieve more speed.

NAQI uses vortex generators for this, which help increase turbulence so your body stays in the airflow longer.

Proven results:

Extensive wind tunnel tests demonstrate air resistance can be reduced by almost 4%. This result was achieved when the gel was only applied only to the legs. When the shoulders and arms were also included in the test, the air resistance was reduced by almost 6%.


Reduce your air resistance, and increase your speed expending the same energy, with the NAQI® Aero Speed Gel. The higher your speed, the greater the effect.


97% natural

No ingredients of animal origin


Vegan friendly


Apply a good layer on the bare skin of the outside of the upper arm and lower leg – do not massage into the skin.





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