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November 9

Launch sponsorship NAQI with Drops Cycling UK

Hampton Wick, UK
November 14 - 17

Medica 2016

Düsseldorf, Germany
November 23 - 24

Therapy Expo UK

NEC, Birmingham UK
November 30

Nationale Sportvakbeurs

Gorinchem, Netherlands

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November 28, 2016

How to cope with cold ?

WHAT EFFECT DOES COLD HAVE ON THE BODY? — Interview of Greet Claes, by Wesley Muyldermans, sports journalist & writer— Our body wants to maintain a constant temperature (homoeotherm). Vital organs, such as our hearts and stomachs, need this to function properly. Our skin has sensitive cold receptors that can detect a sharp drop in skin temperature and pass on this information to the brain. They emit more pulses when cooling down than when warming up and they are also more numerous than heat receptors. Cold receptors are also known as Krause's corpuscles. They can detect cold because they react to tissue shrinkage caused by a drop in temperature. When it’s cold, the blood vessels in the skin contract and blood flow to the surface of our bodies drops. Heat has the opposite effect, as everything opens up to release the excess body heat.

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September 8, 2016

Peak performance & skin care. Interview with Greet Claes

Peak performance requires the adjusted physical and mental preparations adapted to meet this level, but the skin –- a large part of the body- - also requires specialist care. What are the most critical factors that can harm the skin in high -level sports ?

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