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Following the news that  the northern Chinese city of Tianjin suffered a  series of huge explosions   NAQI® nv/sa ,decided to donate specialized  burn and scar treatment creams to the Chinese hospitals treating the injured . As Edgard Geyskens , NAQI® CEO and founder of NAQI® China  states : “ NAQI®  aims to provided added value to the Chinese healthcare system , and confronted with this  tragedy we cannot stand by. Victims of burn wounds need a long time of  rehabilitation and intensive skin care to repair the skin and reduce scarring.” NAQI®’s partner in China , GPIEC and 2 leading NAQI® physical therapists in Shanghai have coordinated the NAQI® help  with the Tianjin Tanggu Fire Brigade.
NAQI® expresses its heartfelt sympathy  for all  victims and their families.